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Posted: 08/11/2017

Job Status: Full Time

Job Type: Sales Human Resources - Recruitment/Staffing Human Resources - ALL CATEGORIES

Keywords: hr, recruiter, recruitment, talent acquisition, ta,

Jobing Description

What is the role?

Do you want to partner with a CEO and executive team and build something special together? Are you a hands-on doer? Do you have headroom and growth potential that you can grow your responsibilities as the company goes from 10 to 100 to 1,000 people?  Can you be a cornerstone of an organization and the catalyst for us to keep adding zeros?

The role is building the company. The role is building it through the best people. Connoisseur of talent. Cultural beacon.

This role will be doing everything in the TA & TD function while we grow; executing, building the foundation, growing it together.  We’re looking for our first recruiting & TA professional. That means you’re running full cycle for the entire organization for a while. If it’s part of talent acquisition - it’s on your plate. From there your responsibilities can get deeper or wider - up to you, your passions, your talents, and your ceiling.

We don’t care about your current job title. You could be a head of TA or CHRO that’s not afraid to do the work of building, or you could be a recruiter that can prove yourself and grow with the company.  The position reports to our CEO - and we’re looking for someone to blow us away.


Who is Recruiting.Ai?

We’re a start-up setting out on a mission to revolutionize recruiting through the power of artificial intelligence. We believe in the power of jobs. Jobs have the power to change lives and to change companies. We take the minutiae out of the recruiting process to create better candidate and recruiter experiences. Our early results have been tremendous, exciting, and game changing. The response to what we’re doing is overwhelming. We are at the precipice, knowing we have an amazing product at the right time, in a huge industry. We know we’re onto something big, and we’re building a team of stars to create the next big thing in recruiting.

Important Notes

**Position required in Scottsdale, AZ.  Relocation available for the right candidate.


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